Realise your full potential

We partner with professional advice practices that are progressive and client-focused. Our highly experienced team works closely with practice principals to accelerate the achievement of their full business potential – with proven business transformation coaching and a collaborative adviser community.

What our advisers say

Your partner for growth

We’re here to help you grow - with transformational business coaching, customised service, comprehensive support and a vigorous referral generation culture.

Experienced people

You’ll find the licensee team members you deal with are highly experienced professionals who pride themselves on being readily accessible and very good listeners. We deliver a high-touch service, developing strong lasting relationships with advisers who enjoy being part of an open, collaborative community.

Collaborative community

Consider the value of being part of an interactive team of financial advisers - receiving ideas and insights from them, hearing their experiences, and sharing your own ideas and expertise with them. This rich culture of collaboration sets FSP apart. Peer-to-peer sharing occurs naturally week to week, and also at the group’s events and conferences. It results in better advisers, stronger businesses and richer client outcomes.

Compliance - full support

As the regulatory landscape continues to change and the financial advisory profession finds itself under ever-increasing scrutiny, governance and maintenance of professional standards are critical to your professional and commercial security.

Business transformation coaching

FSP has a clear understanding of the fundamentals that drive success in financial advice businesses. As your partner in business growth we provide transformational business coaching to enable you to achieve your full business potential.

Advice enablement services

The FSP team will work with you to increase efficiencies and add value, so you get the best solution for your specific needs and objectives. Whether it’s getting the most out of XPlan with the support of XPlan coaches, building a better business, tapping new revenue opportunities, results-driven marketing services, advice and technical support, research and more - we offer profession-leading initiatives that will put you in front.

Are we right for each other?

We think we are at about the right size and we want to make sure we maintain a high touch and collaborative culture in our network. Yes, we do want new advisers and practices to partner with us, but only if we’re the right fit for each other in terms of our values and vision for the future. That will be the foundation on which we build great partnerships - lasting, inspiring, client-focused and mutually rewarding.

Geoff Kellett - CEO, Financial Services Partners

Making the move

Advisers who partner with FSP receive plenty of help throughout the transition. It’s a striking example of how supportive and open our team really is. We’ll journey with you, step by step, through what needs to be done and will work on your behalf to organise the transfer for your business and clients smoothly. There’s a formal induction process, clear training and we’re on call whenever you need us.

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